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Teeth" Lady Gaga song, 2009. Teeth, a song by Brockhampton from Saturation II. Teeth, a song by Cage the Elephant from Melophobia. Teeth, a song by Die Monster Die from Withdrawal Method. Teeth, a song by Fireworks from their 2011 album Gospel.
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citation needed Development of fewer than the usual number of teeth is called hypodontia. There are small differences between the teeth of males and females, with male teeth along with the male jaw tending to be larger on average than female teeth and jaw.
The Teeth Human Anatomy: Diagram, Names, Number, and Conditions.
Molars 8 total: Flat teeth in the rear of the mouth, best at grinding food. Wisdom teeth or third molars 4 total: These teeth erupt at around age 18, but are often surgically removed to prevent displacement of other teeth.
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6 Study of a tooth plate of a fossil of the extinct fish Romundina stellina showed that the teeth and scales were made of the same tissues, also found in mammal teeth, lending support to the theory that teeth evolved as a modification of scales.

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